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Global Elementary Model United Nations

General Session


The Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) provides a unique and creative educational opportunity for all participants. This nine month long working experience provides a student/delegate with an unparalleled opportunity to not only study the United Nations, but experience it through role-playing. Student/delegates, in small groups called delegations, represent assigned countries and garner a genuine appreciation of other cultures. Following the study and research of global topics, students write and submit resolutions which incorporate critical thinking, writing and interpersonal skills. The practice of diplomacy, public speaking, and caucussing culminate for the year in an exciting two-day session in May at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.


The total number of student-delegates suggested for the most effective GEMUN delegation: Countries which are in Security Council -- 10, all others -- 9 or less (one delegate per committee to be covered by the delegation).


To Register for Participation

Country assignments will be issued according to postmark date of registration form (with fees) mailed. All those received early enough will be confirmed at or before the first Delegates' Workshop.

1. Students discuss and decide which country (or countries) they would like to role-play.
* Current Members of the United Nations
* Current Members of the Security Council
2. On the registration form, list five country choices in order of preference for each delegation from your school. (First check which countries are already assigned here.)
3. Complete and return registration form, with fees, postmarked by the deadline of September 30. A late fee will be assessed after this date. (NOTE: Late fees do not apply to first-year participants.) Specific country assignments can be guaranteed ONLY AFTER fees are received.

FEES: The registration fee for each delegate is $35.00, and $25.00 for each sponsor. These fees are used for printing and material expenses. Organizational duties and extra printing costs require a LATE FEE of $5.00 for each delegate registered after the deadline. Registration fees after the deadline may have to go up, depending on several factors, including the cost of the rooms at the college.

Make checks or money orders payable to GEMUN (Global Elementary Model United Nations) and return with registration to: GEMUN, 6005 Royaloak Dr., Arlington, TX, U.S.A. 76016


For more information about GEMUN:
E-mail: rmswcc at airmail.net
Phone: metro (817) 654-1018
Fax: metro (817) 654-1028

GEMUN is sponsored by:
The Robert Muller School
6005 Royaloak Dr.
Arlington, TX 76016 USA
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