GEMUN '08 Displays

An Appreciation for Creativity, which feeds the Human Soul
In the same symbolism that the flags of the United Nations are displayed at the same level, we would like ot speak of the displays in the lobby as contributions to this great event rather than a competition with winners and losers.
Therefore, the awards symbolize a contribution to GEMUN by the giving and sharing of information, culture, images and the personality of each country which is represented.

Afghanistan.jpg Armenia.jpg Bangladesh.jpg
Afghanistan Armenia Bangladesh
Belgium.jpg Belgium closeup.jpg Chad.jpg
Belgium Belgium closeup Chad
Chile.jpg Egypt.jpg Germany.jpg
Chile Egypt Germany
Greece.jpg Holy See.jpg India2.jpg
Greece Holy See India
Ireland.jpg Lebanon.jpg Nepal.jpg
Ireland Lebanon Nepal
Nepal donations.jpg Nepal mural.jpg Norway.jpg
Nepal (UNICEF donations) Nepal mural Norway
Peru.jpg Romania.jpg Russia closeup1.jpg
Peru Romania Russia 1
Russia closeup2.jpg Sierra Leone.jpg Slovakia.jpg
Russia 2 Sierra Leone Slovakia
Spain.jpg Tunisia2.jpg Tunisia.jpg
Spain Tunisia 1 Tunisia 2
Turkey.jpg United Kingdom.jpg
Turkey United Kingdom

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Last updated: 5/21/08