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GEMUN 2008 Committee Reports


We had a productive, innovative and eager committee this year in General Assembly. Due to many overlapping topics and a severe time shortage, we tabled and combined more resolutions than I've ever seen before during a GEMUN session. This was only possible through the cooperation and diplomacy showed by all delegates. We had some outstanding debaters this year including Liberia, Colombia, Iraq, Turkey, China, Russia, the Netherlands and many others. All these delegates contributed to the professional and diplomatic atmosphere of the General Assembly.

Some of the topics that we addressed this year in our resolutions were Exploring Alternative Energy Resources, Strengthening International Anti-terrorism policies, and even an attempt to oust the Holy See from the United Nations.

The delegate from GA nominated for the Peace Prize wasn't necessarily the most agressive debater, but this delegate always maintained a diplomatic decorum, and maintained friendly relations with all the delegates.

We amended four resolutions. There was an alliance made between the United Kingdom and Slovakia. We helped stop future small arms trafficking. We made many nuclear-free safe zones. We are helping educate people on the "five D's" to prevent terrorism. For UN Peacekeepers, we set up education and training programs. Towards the end, we almost had a war between the UK and Belgium.
This year it was very hard for me to choose my nomination for the peace prize for Security Council. In the end, I narrowed my decision down to two delegates, China and France.
The delegate I chose spoke avidly for every resolution. I believe he spoke against only one or two resolutions. Being a veto power in Security Council is not always easy, but this delegate carried his country's power with respect and when he knew he would be voting against the resolution, he worked to amend it to pass. The most striking feature about my nominee was his composure and ability to stand by the views of his country. When we were debating about the death penalty, even though he did not support the idea himself, his country approved of it, so he stuck by his country's view. This delegate was always well versed on his country's position, and he had even done research on the other countries in the Security Council.
This year, the Peace Prize nomination for Security Council went to John Hutti, delegate of China. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone who made this decision so hard for me, because you also made this session incredible interesting and fun.

We had a lot of caucuses to amend many resolutions. Voting went very smoothly, and the delegates were able to save the crisis. Two resolutions were tabled. We failed only four resolutions and amended four. The delegates were very into the debate from the first resolution and formed many alliances. They all fought to help each other. We instituted schools, globalized micro-credits, and made the economy more fair for all.

We had a great committee this year in UNICEF. We worked toward aiding the children in Darfur, achieving primary education, creating global child support groups, understanding autism, helping children caught in earthquakes, and, of course, the end of the practice of using Child Soldiers. Over half our resolutions were Child Soldier resolutions, so I think we have eradicated this practice. We solved this problem with solutions ranging from preventing militias from capturing children, to giving former child soldiers musical instruments to 'calm down.' Our most outstanding delegate (China) helped in every one of our six amended resolutions. Our most outstanding resolution, while we may not have been able to debate it, was the joint resolution which combined child soldier resolutions sponsored by India, Poland, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Sweden, France, Iraq, Ireland, Canada, Thailand, Russia, Chile and China.

In UNEP, we discussed many topics. Some of the most recurrent topics were deforestation, pollution, natural disasters and global warming. Our committee wanted to pass most resolutions. Everyone tried to amend as many resolutions as possible just to pass them. Nearing the end of the GEMUN conference, our committee amended nine resolutions. Our committee passed every resolution that the delegates thought had potential to help the problems. In all we passed 22 resolutions, while eight failed. Overall, our committee was very productive and fair.

During this session most of our resolutions focussed on world hunger and the spread of disease. However, many of the delegates that did have world hunger resolutions (there were nine) decided to table all of theirs and amend them to make one resolution that suited everyone. We had a lot of resolutions and a good group of debators who got a lot of buisness covered. We had a couple of caucuses and everyone was friendly and worked well together. The delegates all asked questions. Everyone had something to say. We passed resolutions to deal with drug and alcohol abuse, the international spread of disease, HIV/AIDS, stem cell research, malnutrition, and health education. Even the resolutions that did not pass were thoughtful and well-written.

This year in IAEA, we discussed everything from algae to nuclear energy. Our main focus was the ever growing problem of the disposal of radioactive waste.

Our list of accomplishments this year include raising funds for water research, the founding of a branch of the United Nations to allow and inspect nuclear power plants and calling for the cessation of nuclear weapon production.

This year's GEMUN conference was very successful. The delegates worked very well together and helped each other to amend resolutions. We solved many problems such as: strengthening the status of women through voting and preventing violence against women. Some other problems we solved are: making women equal to men, creating protection laws for women, educating women of the signs of stabbings, providing self defense classes to prevent harm to women, and helping women get the education that men receive. Concerning the crisis, CSW delegates did a very good job of forming and producing two very good resolutions to solve the problem and they diplomatically decided on the resolution they wanted to send to Security Council. All in all, our committee had a very successful conference. We want to thank all the delegates for making this year's conference successful.

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